Cosmos DB is formerly called as Document DB. To create or access the cosmos DB in Azure we need a subscription at Azure portal. There is an option to create a trail account for 30 days.

Cosmos DB stores the data as Key value pair, Documents, Graphs.

We can create our Azure account even with our existing Hotmail account.

Initially your portal looks like as below.

Above is the dashboard for the Azure portal. Click on Menu icon and click on Azure Cosmos DB as below.

Above screen indicates that there is no Cosmos DB Created yet. Click on +ADD button or Click on Create Azure Cosmos DB.

After Clicking Add button as above it will ask to fill some of the details like :

ID       :   indicates the name of the application.
API     :  can select which type of Database API you select.
Resource  : its like a tag.
Location : this can be select from list given, better to select from the user location.

and click create button as below.

After clicking on create button we can see the screen like deploying the Azure Cosmos DB as below.

After few minutes we can see the notification like Deployments Succeeded like below.

Now click on Azure Cosmos DB we can find the created Database with No data.

Later articles we can see how to import or insert some data into Azure Cosmos DB.