DeleteOneAsync() and DeleteManyAsync() are the two functions in MongoDB driver which is used to delete the records from the MongoDB from C# language. DeleteOneAsync() is used to delete single record from the MongoDB and DeleteManyAsync() is used to delete one or more number of records from the MongoDB.

In the below code, I am deleting record with ‘MasterID as ‘140’ and deleting the record with ‘MasterID less than ‘1000’

C#:  .Net 4.5  & MongoDB Driver 2.0

using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using MongoDB.Driver;
using MongoDB.Driver.Core;
using MongoDB.Bson;

namespace Deldata
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
        static async Task callMain(string[] args)
            var conString = "mongodb://localhost:27017";
            var Client = new MongoClient(conString);
            var DB = Client.GetDatabase("test");
            var collection = DB.GetCollection<BsonDocument>("MasterIds");

            //deleting single record
            var Deleteone = await collection.DeleteOneAsync(
                            Builders<BsonDocument>.Filter.Eq("MasterID", 140));

            //deleting multiple record
            var DelMultiple = await collection.DeleteManyAsync(
                             Builders<BsonDocument>.Filter.Lt("MasterID", 1000));

            //retrieve's data
            await collection.Find(new BsonDocument())
             .ForEachAsync(x => Console.WriteLine(x));