UNIX is a powerful operating System; UNIX was created in laboratories of AT&T Bell Labs at 1969. It is initially developed by Ken Thompson and other Programmers. Now it is widely used in Corporate companies and Institutions. It is popular because of its flexibility, power and versatility 

Three Design Principles of UNIX Design:

  •       Simplicity
  •      Re-usability
  •       Portability


  1. Unix keeps tasks very simple Rather than making it Complex.
  2. Unix contains large number of very Simple applications.
  3. This increases system Efficiency, because each program dose their things well rather than fewer wasted resources.

  1. Unix Simplicity Extends to re-usability
  2. Unix Small and Efficient allows faster development for new applications
  3. You can use existing code for the newly created applications. 

  1. Unix is entirely Written in C, So it is easy for developers to Change their code according to the Hardware.
  2. Already UNIX applied for many architectures and Hardware’s.

The Feature that makes UNIX More powerful is, Most of its File Formats are open and Easy to access. Even Simple text editors are used to configure the System. ASCII Files are also plain text Files, These Files use 8 Bit code from 0-255 for printable and non-printable characters.

Most of the UNIX platforms have been created by open source Technology.
Open source is the Source code available to anyone. This any user to modify the code and develop it, also can recompile the code.