HI, here I will explain you how to get the procedure name by knowing only keywords of that objects. Here I have created the procedure such that we need to pass the keyword and the type of the object to get the object name. Find the below code with procedure named ‘fso’ with parameters ‘Like’ and ‘type’.

Creating Procedure

CREATE procedure fso(@Like varchar(100), @type char(2))   
 Declare @Like1 varchar(101)   
 Set  @Like1 = 'Select * from sysobjects where type='''+@type +''' and name like ''%'+ @Like + '%'''    
 Exec (@Like1)   

After Executing the above procedure run the procedure as below

/*To get stored procedures use p as type*/
fso 'picklist',p

/*To get functions use fn as type*/
fso 'split',fn

/*To get table use u as type*/

fso 'fileupload',

                                                  -- Karthick.R