In India, Climatic conditions change every 3 months, this is called multi-seasonal climatic conditions. Also, the southern part of India has a major effect on the monsoons.

States like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have a major impact on monsoons. Especially during summer, the temperature will raise up to 44 degrees Celsius.

With the hot and highest temperature in place, Southern states are money pullers for Air conditioner brands where 42% of sales come from 5 states in India.

Also, there are more than 15 brands for the competition on Manufacturing of sales, brands are from India, USA, Japan, UK, etc.

They deliver most of the products with a variety of options based on room size, like best 1 ton AC, best 1.5 ton AC in India

As AC's are used for mostly 5 months, during winter and rainy season people stop using them, and that causes issues with the air conditioners. Here brands pull maintenance costs from the consumers and mint money.