Before getting into why horizontal geyser best in India, let's see why they are getting popular first.  All the generations are getting changed,  and people opt to live in high-rise apartments &  and the living standards of the people increased the sales of the best horizontal geyser in India.

This looks like a butterfly effect.  But this is a fact.  High-rise apartments the bathrooms are will be in the low ceilings.  In this case, vertical geysers occupy more space and they will be easily accessible for kids.

Horizontal geysers Resolve this problem by occupying minimal space in the bathroom in a horizontal manner.  Horizontal geysers also make the bathroom more Porsche and look, Royal.

As a horizontal geyser, a bit costly compared to the vertical ones.  This is because of the additional technology and the durability that need to be provided for the geyser.

Sales of horizontal geysers are improved by 10% per year. Also, these are considered as one of the best geysers in India Unlike the first version of horizontal geysers, the current market horizontal geysers are working well as vertical geysers.