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Create a program in C# by using Vehicle Car and Truck as a classes and implement polymorphism in it.

using System;

    public class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Vehicle vehicle = new Vehicle();
            Vehicle vehicle1 = new Car();
            Vehicle vehicle2 = new Truk();





    public class Vehicle
        public virtual void start() { Console.WriteLine("Vehicle Started"); }
        public virtual void horn() { Console.WriteLine("Vehicle Horned"); }
        public virtual void stop() { Console.WriteLine("Vehicle Stopped"); }

    public class Car : Vehicle
        public override void start() { Console.WriteLine("Car Started"); }
        public override void horn() { Console.WriteLine("Car Horned"); }
        public override void stop() { Console.WriteLine("Car Stopped"); }
    public class Truk : Vehicle
        public override void start() { Console.WriteLine("Truck Started"); }
        public override void horn() { Console.WriteLine("Truck Horned"); }
        public override void stop() { Console.WriteLine("Truck Stopped"); }



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